“Ring Rust” & 32/32

How goes the Eclipse?

What a great question.

One that also came up in a session with a client that also knows about the Eclipse- just this week.

As Saul was warming up for his 7 am Friday workout he calls out:

S. Carlos how goes the Eclipse? When is it going to happen?

(To answer this I think I should include a back story to this conversation. I had been telling Saul about the preparation for the Eclipse and that I would need to have the best “color” possible to get the best pictures possible- but I had one set back which was a mistake and a miscalculation on my part. I had sent off for a skin bronzer to ensure that I could display the best color possible but after waiting for it for 35 days I called to enquire about the order. I was told that it had somehow got lost in Oklahoma- but that didn’t help me or my target date. And so the date that I had set for a professional photographer to take the Eclipse pictures came and went without event. I gave myself 3 weeks to get the product and test it on my skin. But for some reason it didn’t happen. I did not realize at the time that so much should not have hinged on getting the product- even if it was the “best” and used by all the professionals. I had shared this with Saul previous to this conversation.)

C. It can happen any time. But what you might want to know is that The Eclipse was not my idea- it was Destiny’s idea. I just get do it.

S. (silence)

C. But this week I had a chat with Destiny, and Destiny told me 32/32.

S. 32/32?

Yes. That’s what I saw.

S. (silence)

C. I saw 32/32.

S. (more silence)

C. Meaning I was 32 when I won the State Championships in 1980. And this November it will be 32 years from that date. Add them together (32 and 32) and that will be my age now. Twice the years- twice the age.

I know this language- this is how Destiny speaks to me. So my target date for the final landing of the Eclipse will be this November.

S. You know what the Eclipse has working against it….. don’t you.

C. You would say time.

S. (laughter) That’s right- my friend……. time. Time may not be on your side!

C. We’ll see. Watch.

I still feel like I’m supposed to do this. I am supposed to beat the unbeatable, the undefeated. (The guy who was known to be ferocious in the gym. The guy who was willing to do what ever it took to win. La Maquina, The Extreme)  The only thing (or one) that could prevent that is me.

I will be blogging from time to time, and even put up pics but I will be ready on 32/32.

That Got Me Thinking

The whole month of June Sue has been competing in a series of races in preparation for the National Championships this August.

June 3rd was at Naylor’s Beach VA, an Olympic Distance Triathlon.

June 10th was in Maryland, The Eagleman Aqua Velo (swim/bike) ½  Ironman distance- The Mid Atlantic Championships.

June 26th was the Peluso 1500 meter open water swim race (which actually turned out to be 1800 meters) and a PB for Sue!

In All of these she won in her age group and sometimes a few age groups younger.

Two weeks ago she won a swim/bike- the USAT  National Championships. which put her in a national champion status for the second time that month.

This past weekend she won the triathlon at Colonial Beach Va in her age group- second place came in 48 minutes after her.

She will be ready for the nationals.

She seems to get better with each race and that got me thinking about the fact that I have not competed for 32 years and could possibly have a little “ring rust”. When I was competing I would sometimes compete several times a year- and in the process of “Peaking Out” that often I developed a competitive edge- an appearance that reflected the cumulative effect of staying in competition shape that would be difficult to otherwise reproduce.

Is this an excuse? Actually it’s a realization, and one that I really need to take in consideration to make the  Eclipse possible.

I will factor this into my preparation as I approach 32/32.