Plural momenta or momentums

A vector quantity that expresses the relation of the velocity of a body, wave, field, or other physical system, to its energy. The direction of the momentum of a single object indicates the direction of its motion. Momentum is a conserved quantity (it remains constant unless acted upon by an outside force), and is related by Noether’s theorem to translational invariance. In classical mechanics, momentum is defined as mass times velocity. The theory of Special Relativity uses the concept of relativistic mass. The momentum of photons, which are massless, is equal to their energy divided by the speed of light. In quantum mechanics, momentum more generally refers to a mathematical operator applied to the wave equation describing a physical system and corresponding to an observable; solutions to the equation using this operator provide the vector quantity traditionally called momentum. In all of these applications, momentum is sometimes called linear momentum.

So what if?

When it comes to exercise, fat loss, muscle gain—or the Eclipse what if what has already been set into motion is influenced by some outside force such as exercise intensity or calorie control, or a change in macronutrient percentages. Can what has already been set in motion increase speed? If so can momentum morph into “More-mentum”?


Frank Ridgway is a friend, client, and colleague. He is a quantum thinker, and it is while exercising and during the course of our conversations that he comes up with some of his witticisms- this is one of them.

So I thought I would run with it and use it in my own thinking. Can something good become better? I think so. Can we add to what we already have and increase efficiency? Yes and I think that this is what has happened. As I continue with what was working without forcing things to happen I have actually generated more-mentum! Instead of losing ground. A very important point to ponder.

If we continue our behaviors they, in time, will become habits- then they are almost automatic. And as we continue to build we not only compound our efforts we also compound our results. But if we do it all at once or too quick we can overdo it. We first need to have the proper conditioning.

One of the critical components of the Eclipse is that it is something that has happened over a period of time- for me that means over 30 years. By continuing, by not giving up we can, (if we don’t do it too quick or all at once) actually increase. Each day I am more encouraged that the Eclipse is possible even though it seems impossible.


4 Responses

  1. Endurance, determination, quantum thinking,guidance from above, ingenuity, one step at a time, one day at a time: Equals Eclipse!!!

  2. Excellent article Carlos-I like the term more-mentum.
    I believe in the eclipse and I believe in you!
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and personal insights.
    As always, much appreciated.

    • Me too, I like Frank’s idea of creating a word that fits the situation. Thanks for stopping by Scott. Still working at it- pic soon.

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