Committed To The Outcome

At the fifty day mark and things are changing.

First my body told me that I had maxed out on TURBO which I  had started in April and at the time I was wondering if I could match the weights I had done 30 years ago- I thought this would give me some indicator as to whether I was kidding myself or not. To my surprise I surpassed the weights I was using (back then in 1980) and I thought …”well maybe I can do this”. So I’m plugging along with TURBO and after a while I’m getting some over training signals. In reality I was pushing Super Turbo 6 days a week.

So I’m sitting in my den and as I’m thinking about what to do now- what adjustments do I need to make.  Do I go to 4 days a week?

Then the thought occurred to me- wait a minute…how can this work?

How can you do an Eclipse by doing Turbo. At best you might equal where you were 30 years ago by using the same method as you did 30 years ago?

Well duh.

And if you can pull that off that would be good but it would not be an eclipse– it would not surpass.

Having never done this before- and not knowing anyone who has I was open to ideas.

All of a sudden thoughts began to race in my mind.

Wait a minute you are right where you need to be to “rebound”!

I remember seeing athletes looking better a day or even a week after the contest.

I had seen my athletes rebound EVERY time they competed.

So what’s a “Rebound” right?

The rebound is the weight gain a bodybuilder experiences after being in a depleted state of contest preparation. So what I would do is take advantage of this natural phenomenon by giving the athlete a week off for recovery then put them in a 10 Week Growth Phase— which is the forerunner to my PFC Muscle & Strength System and launch them right into a muscle growth cycle.

So I’m thinking- the real goal of the Eclipse is to surpass, and if I ride this rebound and keep my calories under control I can possibly grow muscle during this time. That’s what I need.

But (alas) I had already said I would be doing this Eclipse with Turbo.

And that’s when this project got its first refinement- I remember writing about something like this in my essay on Discipline. It’s basically a mid course correction or adjustment. This (for me) is the unknown- but I’m thinking that if I can be teachable and “listen” to the silent promptings and nudgings that I am getting from my body then I can avoid disaster or failure by being flexible.

The truth is that I am committed to the outcome (The Eclipse) not the method. So I had to change my approach.

The Bounce

I had done “Muscle” as an off-season workout for over 20 years- I needed something different.

But the emphasis is not on lifting- it is on stimulating muscle tissue. I don’t think this method would appeal to the manly men- they seem to want to throw around the heavy weights. Yet I remember what Arnold said about how he needed (at some point) to stop struggling with heavy weight but the emphasis for what he wanted would be different. So I am doing something different.

I address that thinking in my updated Muscle & Strength System:


Look at your resistance objects as tools. The weights, the machines, the nutrition- they are the hammer and the chisel which you use to sculpt, mold and shape your body into the image you have in mind of yourself. Think about it. Think about the process of it.

The sculptor working on marble uses the larger hammer and chisel to remove the large pieces, then to bring out the finer lines there is attention given to detail- this requires a steady hand and careful tapping of the smaller hammer and finer chisel to bring out the lines over the knuckles and the groves that shape the finger nails- the big hammer could never do this.

So see yourself as the sculptor, your body as the marble, and the objects that form and shape you as tools. If you do you will not try to lift them, as much as you will use them to bring about the image that is hidden in that piece of marble. Like a master sculptor, we sculpt and refine our bodies using specific “tools” such as the right amount of  calories, weight, the full number of reps, and the quality of form.

When they asked Michelangelo how he made his statue of David he is reported to have said, “It is easy. You just chip away the stone that doesn’t look like David.”

– Michelangelo

Countdown Mission Eclipse 50 days


No One Ever Accomplished Anything Great

 Just recently I finished reading Napoleon Hill’s masterpiece entitled “The Law of Success”. It has 17 chapters, 1188 pages and was published in 1928. Yet you won’t get very far into this ageless document before he tells you in no uncertain terms that:

No One Ever Accomplished Anything Great By Themselves

He outlines, 83 years ago, what would in the 21st century be called “networking”!

It was true then- its true now.

Back in the 70’s and 80’s I had the fortune to have Rodney Jackson as a training partner. We trained brutally hard but the journey was much less arduous with a traveling companion. He was strong and didn’t know the meaning of giving up- perfect.

Since I have never seen anyone attempt an Eclipse, I would say that to accomplish something like this- at least for me, it would be something great.

For the Mission Eclipse I once again have a training partner even though she is 300 miles away.  We will be in touch with each other and comparing notes on all aspects of training. Her name is Elaine Morales. She is the Grand Champion of a well published World-wide Transformation Contest and has since also competed in two Figure competitions.

She has come up through the ranks of hard knocks and experience which I believe motivated her to author “Why Delay Amazing- A Total Transformation Guide”. In this guide she gets into the practical nuts and bolts of reasons other incomplete methods fail. After reading it you will walk away with answers- not just more questions. Elaine also  blogs regularly on her  Not Just A Day Dream- Real Life Transformation– the community that she founded for anyone interested in permanent Transformation of body and mind. What you will find here are others who are on similar journeys who will provide support and encouragement.

Check her out:

Not someone to sit on her hands- Elaine is now gearing up for her third competition in as many years and is once again using my T.U.R.B.O. program to get into contest shape.

Look back on every great accomplishment and you will see that these great bridges, buildings, or corporations were not done by the Lone Rangers of society- actually not even the Lone Ranger was all alone!

Every body wins. Let me give you just one example. As a result of just training with this type of dedication and intensity (as a training partner) Rodney himself was able to win the 1982 Mr. Natural USA !

Countdown Mission Eclipse 73 days