Nutritional Supplementation

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I have named this Mission Journey to The Eclipse. I have several reasons why I have chosen to do this and one of them was to make a statement about the whole process of Physical Transformation. I am thinking that as a result I will address pet theories and possibly slay a few “sacerd cows” of the fitness industry along the way.

But right now I would like to begin to address the topic of nutritional supplementation. This seems to be a hot issue of present days. What supplements to take, how much?, are they bogus? (do they work?) Is everything a scam? which are best? etc.

It didn’t used to be so confusing or complicated- I guess the business and marketing of supplements has changed everything. I mean men like Vince Gironda were teaching us way back in the middle 1960’s to eat 6 meals a day, that there is such a thing as over training, and that supplements are a fact!

About 2 weeks ago a friend told me he was gearing up for a personal Physical Transformation and he was wondering how to get the nutrients he needed on a calorie deficit. I suggested some of the supplements I had used in the past and that I am using now for this new Mission. I knew of no other way to increase nutrient intake without a significant calorie increase.

“The thing is that some people don’t believe in nutritional supplementation”.
This is not a religion or a belief system. Exercise, when employed as a means of physical transformation is a science/sport/art and those that pursue it are not only athletes- they are researchers involved in their own Experiment of One (Xof1).

I made some suggestions to my friend and I sent him some literature confirming the findings for the claims that were made for these products- my guess is that the supplements I took back in the 70’s and 80’s are not hot items today, but as far as I am concerned- I am convinced that they worked then and I believe they will work now.

I don’t take 110 pills a day these days- supplements have come a long way since the 80’s but I will be sticking with the tried, tested and true for this Mission.
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The Time Factor

I think most of us thought that with the advent of the Information Highway we would have all the information we would need just a few keystrokes away- whether it was to build a picnic table or to better understand Quantum Physics.

But it seems that the very means of solving all of our problems has actually become a source of confusion through the phenomenon of information overload- and in some cases misinformation overload, and it doesn’t seem that we are that much better off than we were, because, now the challenge is to know who to believe. There are at least several “camps” on any given topic.

I know some athletes who think it’s a waste of time to go to a gym unless you have 2-3 hours to devote to an “effective” workout, and then there’s the 40 minute crowd and then the 7 minute gang- all with convincing sales pages that “prove” they are right and why you should get their “system”.

A few years ago there was an article on WebMD outlining how much time would be needed for exercise.

The article simply states:

(WebMD)  “In January 2005, the U.S. government released a new set of dietary guidelines essentially telling us that as Americans get bigger, so does the length of time we need to be physically active.”


“It’s not like we haven’t heard it before: Exercise is an essential part of the health equation, and 30 minutes a day is where it begins.”

I have been involved with exercise for over 45 years and I have helped many, many others with exercise and exercise therapy and there are a just a few basics.

Starting a program is easy enough but going for the long haul is a totally different concept. In fact I was just telling two of my clients today, who happened to ask me the same question, that it was because I did a simple program for 25 years (that most people would think was boring) that I am now attempting to  Eclipse my condition of 30 years ago!

I was in it for the long haul “back in the day”. This probably accounts for why I have outdistanced my contemporaries- as most of those I trained with years ago have long since discontinued their training.

Based on this article I will be well within the guidelines set forth as I continue this Experiment- I will not be exercising any more than 90 minutes a day and most of the time a lot less.

“The dietary guidelines committee primarily focused on the role of physical activity in influencing energy balance and weight status,” says Russell Pate, PhD. Pate was a member of the dietary guidelines advisory committee.

The guidelines are updated every five years, as required by law. So until 2010 when a new set is announced, the 30-60-90-minute rule is in effect, and Americans need to find their threshold and work it in to their daily lives.”

I feel that I have enough experience and “time-in-grade” to make some accurate statements about exercise and nutrition.

Some Statements I Want To Make In Journey To Eclipse:

You don’t need fancy equipment

You don’t have to eat exotic foods

You don’t have to spend 6 hours a day in the gym to be in great shape

Age doesn’t have to be a factor

Exercise is a responsible activity

Eating healthy/living healthy doesn’t have to be expensive

I hope to have comparison pictures soon- no later than July 10 for the first leg of the Journey.